Emma Lovewell
December 20, 2021

Simplified Sourdough Bread

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Loooove reading others’ sourdough steps! Where I live at 7000 ft in the mountain west, my dough “proofs” so much faster! I feed the starter at night, then again at about 8 am the next day, and by 3 pm I’m putting in in the oven. Thank you for sharing and yours ALWAYS looks delicious!

Made this over Christmas, following all instructions it turned out great. I used King Arthur bread flour. So yummy.

Made this for the first time this weekend and will now be throwing all my other sourdough bread recipes away! I’ve been trying different versions from KA that have been much more involved with okay results but this one was perfect on the first attempt. I will add some sour salt next time as we like our sourdough more sour, but other than that beautiful – if I could just post a photo???

Have you ever tried splitting it into 2 smaller boules? Baking time adjustments?

Great as is but have tweaked it a little to perfection! Added 1/2t sour salt for a bit more tang and 1/4t yeast for a bit more “lift”- my sourdough seems to be a bit dense
Also have split it into 2 , 2qt Dutch ovens for smaller boules/ easier to share or freeze. Tiny bit shorter bake time- I do at 450 the whole time

After killing my pandemic sourdough starter, this convinced me to try again! I made my first loaf over the weekend and it turned out amazingly well! Only downside is that it melted the label off my Le Creuset dutch oven. Oh well!

Any suggestions for those with dutch ovens with a max temperature of 450?

I did mine at 450 (because 500 scared me?) and it worked just fine

This recipe is great! Not difficult and the bread turns out amazing. I like trying different additions. Next time I am trying rosemary.

Sourdough loaves after the shaping can be left in the fridge for up to a week. Just makes it more sour. What it does mean is if you have a lot of dough made, you can make two loaves and bake when you are ready and not on the bread’s schedule.

I’m new and super excited to try this weekend. I just got a 15 year old starter from a friend and I feel like a new momma!! Is there a "print" option for your recipes? LOVE them all!!

What happens if it doesn’t “get hungry” in the same day after feeding it (first step)? Should I wait until it gets hungry to move to step 2 or just go to step 2 to when the instructions say?

I would love to try the recipe but I don’t have a starter or know of anyone that had one. How do I get a starter? Thanks

You can make your own starter using flour and water! It takes a week or two to really get it going, but it’s super easy. I just googled "diy starter" and found a ton of recipes and directions. I made my own and it’s been going strong for months!

I would love to make this sourdough bread on my own, thank you for providing the recipe!

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