Emma Lovewell
February 12, 2021

Tingly, Numbing Spicy Dan Dan Noodle Recipe

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When you say “noodles,” is there a specific type of noodle for this? The noodles look like spaghetti to me. Is that the type of noodle?

What type of noodles do you like to use? Looks delicious!

These are just spaghetti noodles!

DeCecco No 12 spaghetti noodles are my go to – I know it’s not authentic but keeping it real for weeknight cooking.

My mom used to put peanut butter in this for a creamy sauce!

So yummy. Just made this tonight and it was delicious. Hubby loved it, toddler loved it, I loved it. Thanks Emma!

Just made these noodles. Fantastic. I will definitely make again

Emma was not kidding with how spicy this is, but it was so good! My husband and I enjoyed this very much, and will definitely make this again soon. Thank you for this recipe!

This looks amazing!

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