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An American in Japan

While it’s impossible to capture our entire trip to Japan in one blog post, I’m going to do my best. Dave and I recently visited Japan on a trip with elsewhere. They organized the most perfect trip for us, and really understood how we like to travel and what our interests are.

Home & Lifestyle

Garden Update Fall 2022

As this season comes to a close and i’m anticipating a frost any day now, I figured I would share some photos of my fall garden. There were a lot of successes, and a lot of failures this year… as always. The thing I love about gardening is how unreliable it is. haha! Always keeping me on my toes, and always something to learn.

Shopping Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

In sitting down to create this list, I made sure to include items that I (or people very close to me) frequently used, valued, and enjoyed.


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