If you're thinking about going to Alaska... GO.

I was lucky enough to travel to Anchorage Alaska this past month. Yes, I went to Alaska in the winter time. I initially had to go for some work, but decided to make a vacation out of it, extend my stay and invited my boyfriend Dave to come with so we could make an adventure out of it! Maybe its because I had pretty low, if no, expectations for what it would be like, I was completely BLOWN AWAY. The beauty is unlike anything I've ever seen. (I've also travelled quite a bit, nationally and internationally -- driven cross country 4 times.) I'm also someone who tends to do warmer vacations to the beach. I'm an island girl, so take me anywhere by a coast and I'm happy. And maybe thats why Alaska really did it for me because you are on a vast beautiful ocean, and then you just shift your gaze upwards and your standing in front of these 10,000 foot mountains, right from sea level. 

I flew into Anchorage and spent a few nights there. Saw a moose on the side of the road the second day I was there and got VERY excited about it. (My very first moose sighting.) Had amazing seafood, salmon, black cod, calamari, etc. The food in general was amazing, homemade doughnuts, reindeer sausage, lots of veggies (to my surprise.) After Anchorage Dave and I headed to Girdwood where Alyeska mountain resort is to get some time on top of a mountain. The snow was epic! We lucked out with 2 feet of fresh powder right when we arrived. The views on top of that mountain, OMG the views! I would snowboard down the mountain, get on the chairlift up to the top, take 20 photos, and then repeat that sequence 10X that day. I have A LOT of photos. Which brings me to this. I'm not going to say anymore, I'm just going to let you enjoy this photo gallery of some of my favorite photos from Alaska. I was there for only 7 days, and all photos are taken on my outdated Iphone. I'll definitely be back. Next time I'm thinking of heading there in the summer. 24 hours of sunlight, I'll take it. If you're thinking about going to Alaska, you should just go.