End of Summer Wrap-Up: My Top Essentials

Labor Day Weekend is around the corner, which means summer is coming to an end! I wanted to take a moment and reflect on some of my favorite products and brands that helped make my summer so epic. Whether it was a day trip to a river upstate or a long weekend getaway back to Martha’s Vineyard, these are some of my favorite items to bring for any adventure.

Sunscreen! After trying so many brands, I find myself returning to Thinksport. Non-greasy, mineral-based, and SAFE, this sunscreen lasts for a long time in and out of the water. The brand says it’s water resistant for 80 minutes! I’ve also been enjoying COOLA’s tinted and non-tinted lip balms, all with SPF 30!

Atoll is a great company that makes boards and accessories sturdy for any adventure. The best part about their paddle board is its inflatable and easy to pack up as a backpack. It’s super convenient especially when living in the city and not having a lot of storage. Check out their cool accessories, too!

While I love getting sun, I need to keep UV rays at bay. Love our limited edition Live Learn Lovewell cap for extra coverage!

Don’t forget to hydrate! A huge cooler like this Rachel Ray cooler bag ensures that you’ll have the opportunity to keep your drinks cool while having fun in the sun. Maybe bring some homemade kombucha?

Love this beautiful Turkish Towel by Sand Cloud. Perfect beach or picnic blanket, or even a beach cover up.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend activities, and get out on an adventure!

*These are products I either have in my home or daydream about. Some of these products are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you for supporting Live Learn Lovewell.

How do you keep your hair clean when you exercise so much?


The short answer is, I don’t. Its almost never clean. I workout 10-12 times a week, and that would be impossible. But here is what I do, and my thoughts and tricks to help you out. :)

Washing my hair

I wash my hair probably two or three times a week. Its not good to wash your hair every single day because it can dry your hair out. I also use shampoo that is sulfate free, which tends to be less harsh on your hair. Right now my favorite shampoo is Aveeno Renewal. Conditioner, I’ll only use on the ends of my hair, (skip the roots so they won’t get as oily as fast). I alternate between using the matching Aveeno Renewal conditioner as well as a hair mask from Trader Joes. I let the hair mask sit in my hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out.


I style my hair depending on how clean it is. Yep. Now you know my secret. If i’m wearing it down, and straight or with a slight wave its probably clean. I try to enjoy those moments as much as possible because it doesn’t last long. I do however throw it up when I’m exercising to get it off of my sweaty neck. After 3-4 workouts (which is usually just 2 days) I will start to wear my hair up all day, in a bun, or down in a low braid. When it is really dirty, oily and untamed, is when you’ll see it totally slicked back in a tight bun.

One of my favorite products right now to apply right after washing my hair is Sun Bum’s Argan oil. It smells like summertime, and it gives my hair a lightweight shine. Apply it when your hair is still wet after the shower. You only need to apply a tiny bit of it, so this product will last you awhile!

Dry Shampoo

This will be a lifesaver for you. In between shampooing my hair I like to use dry shampoo to “extend” my clean hair. I recently learned a new tip — Use dry shampoo at night before you go to bed. It takes awhile for it to work and soak up the oil, and can often make your hair look a bit white, so its best to use it at night! Favorite dry shampoo at the moment is Detox by Dry Bar. Though I have used many different brands, and feel like most of them do the job just fine.

Everybody’s hair is different. Some thick, other’s thin. Some people will have dry hair, or more oily hair and scalp. Its about finding whats right for you! But now you know my routine, and if that helps even one person to tame their own mane, then i’ve done my job. :)

To purchase any of these products above, and to see my fav beauty products, check out my link to Amazon!