Live Learn Lovewell X Peloton collaboration

Excited to introduce to you the Emma Lovewell Collection at Peloton! 

This collection is about my personal style giving you bold colors and comfort. The red floral pattern is inspired by and gives homage to my Chinese heritage. In celebration of Chinese New Year, red is worn to bring good luck and good fortune. Florals remind me of my mother, a gardener and flower lover herself. The tank is soft, and distressed with holes to make it feel and look worn in. The grey sweatshirt is incredibly cozy, with hits of quilted detail on the shoulders and a live learn lovewell patch on the front.  The whole outfit worn together with a leather or bomber jacket is exactly what I want to wear every day. 

The most exciting part of creating this line is being able to see my designs come to life! I had a vision for the red floral pattern, and met with many designers to help create it. There was a long process of going through different patterns and designs and finally being able to modify and adjust to get this final design. 

I want people to feel confident, fun, and like their inner light is shining through when they wear these pieces. If I had to describe this collection in three words: Bold, cozy, and fun. 

Check out the full line at the Peloton Boutique online.