OK, lets limit the amount of fruit, shall we?

Yesterday I had 10 servings of fruit. A few bananas, a couple apples, some clementines, blueberries, more bananas. Fruits are delicious, because they have lots of sugar in them! And they are easy to eat on the go. So it got me thinking: One of the reasons why I'm doing this no-sugar diet is to try and eliminate sugar cravings altogether. If we keep trying to find new sugar-less desserts, and chomping on 10 apples a day, we are possibly still eating the same amount of sugar, it's just all natural. NOW, I know, fruits are OK. But let's think about how much fruit. I'm going to limit myself to 2-3 fruits a day. Focus on eating bigger meals that actually fill us up so we're not looking for snacks throughout the day. Big meals full of savory foods: proteins and vegetables.

Here's a chart of some fruits and their sugar content (Thanks Chef Mike!)